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Technical Description: Natural and clear texture is non of duplication, bright colors, three-dimensional layering, full of brink station and realistic effect.

Product ...
Nominal Frequency Range 1.800MHz to 60.000MHz

Frequency Tolerance ± 30ppm(Standard) at 25 ±

Load Capacitance Fund.: 10pF to ∞ , O. T.: 5pF to ∞
1. Nominal frequency: 1.8432MHz to 150.000MHz
2. Oscillation mode: See below table
3. Operating temperature range -20--+70 (Typical), -10 ~ +60, -40 ~ +85,
4. Storage ...
Output Frequency: 3.579545MHz to 66MHz
Frequency Tolerance(at 25): 30ppm, 50ppm, 100ppm, or specify
Operating Temperature Range: -10to+70
Storage Temperature Range: -40to+85 ...
Frequency Range 1.000~160MHz

Frequency Accuracy 1.0ppm Max
Aging 1.0ppm/ Max
Storage Temperature Range -40~+105
Frequency stabilities Load load5%withmax0.2ppm
Supply Voltage ...
1) Type: UM-1; UM-5 Series
2) Frequency range: 3.50MHz ~ 160.000MHz
3) Frequency tolerance: +/-5ppm, +/-10ppm, +/-15ppm,
+/-20ppm, +/-30ppm, +/-50ppm
4) Operating ...
High qulity SMD Crystal Unit SMD7050 6035 5032 4025

Features: Resistance welding; Low power; High stability; Wide Frequency range
General Specification:
Frequency range: ...
UM-1, UM-4, UM-5, crystal filter,
Frequency range: 1.8432 to 80MHz
Load capacitance series: 7pF (minimum)
Operating temperature range -40 to 85 degrees Celsius
Drive level: ...
Broad frequency range from 1.544M to 125.00MHz
Compact and thin ceramic package with a metalized lead for surface mounting and automatically loaded. Thickness less than ...
Crystal Oscillator 7050(7.0X5.0X1.5mm)
1)Tri-State Enable, TTL/HCOMS compatible
2)5.0V, 3.3V, 2.8V, 1.8V option
3)IR Re-flow

Crystal Oscillator OC series is an ultra ...

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